Welcome to the monochrome gallery!

It is still early days for WoolyPig… lots and lots of work still to do on this site just to get to first base! However, we hope you like the monochrome gallery – the first of the image galleries we have been able to get online.

Monochrome is sometimes a love/hate thing – and we certainly don’t restrict ourselves to black and white! However, when it works, it works really well – maybe not in the images we have taken but certainly in those of the great masters of the art, such as Henri Cartier Bresson.

At some point we shall try to add a post about how we approach monochrome, and what techniques and processing works for us. For now, here is a taster:

  • Images usually taken in raw, and managed in Adobe Lightroom. Occasionally we will use black and white film, and have that scanned and supplied as a JPEG along with the original negatives.
  • Processing is also done in Lightroom, which has good black and white handling. However for black and white specifically we also use Silver Efex Pro 2 (now a Google product). This is a great application, dedicated to monochrome processing. Images processed in Silver Efex are returned to Lightroom for a final clean up ( the filters in Silver Efex tend to highlight any ‘touching up’ done in Lightroom, so it is better to do that after the monochrome processing stage

Anyway, we hope you like the new gallery… find it here

We'd love to hear from you if this caught your attention!

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