Nymans Gardens

The weekend was upon us again and the weather was looking very ‘iffy’. Rain most of Saturday but Sunday’s forecast said showers – so we packed our gear ready for the day to come. Morning a bit wet but by midday it had started to clear, so we had an early lunch then drove the short distance to Nymans Gardens.

It looked like everyone had had the same idea and the place was overrun with people,  so we headed off to the Arboretum and Bluebell woods. It was very muddy so it was fortunate we had put our walking boots on. Deep in the woods, high on a steep bank, we saw this tree anchored to the rocks. Keen to get a picture we scrambled up the bank, not an easy task loaded up with camera gear! The bank was covered in brambles and deep in leaf mould making it very treacherous. We got to the top and set up tripods and cameras, hanging on to rocks and branches whilst we did so. Took a few test pictures so we could get the settings right and then… yes, you’ve guessed it… down came the rain.

We covered the cameras quickly with plastic bags and nothing else to do but to wait and hope it blowed over. The rain fell harder and harder, soaked through my coat and I was getting very miserable. When it eventually eased we took a few images, packed away quickly and slipped and slid back down the bank. Not worth spending any more time out, so we made our way back home where I downloaded my images… every one too blurred to use! It looked like the tripod had moved slightly as the images were taken. Not impressed!

A week later, with the weather looking much better and still feeling aggrieved I decided I wanted to have another attempt. My long suffering husband agreed to be my Sherpa again and lug the camera gear back up the steep, wet, muddy bank. Much more successful this time!

Tree on a bluff, Nyman's Gardens

Tree on a bluff, Nyman’s Gardens

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