Welcome to the street gallery!

Finally got around to launching another of the galleries – sorry for the delay as we have been pretty busy for the last couple of weeks!

The great things about street photography is that you can do it petty much anywhere that man has made a mark… the street, of course, but inside buildings, in parks, on a bus or in the underground. What is street photography? Well, a definition we might use is the interplay of people and the environment they have created. If you might consider that photography is comprised of four key elements – technique, composition, impact and meaning – then street photography really aims for the last two.

The fact that you have to assemble all of this, sometimes in a fraction of a second, just makes it a much greater challenge. Almost certainly too great a challenge for us – but sometimes, just very rarely – we might manage to catch a little impact and even meaning… something to make it worth a second look.

This image was a fleeting one on a sleepy night in Mumbai after a long and tiring flight. The images on the wall by the travelator were too good to miss, and all it took was a walk back to wait for the next passengers to go past. Not great by any means, but a real Bollywood memory from a remarkable city nevertheless.

We hope you like the gallery… You can find it here.

We'd love to hear from you if this caught your attention!

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