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The first obvious question is ‘why WoolyPig’? Well, we probably don’t have a decent answer. For a start, we don’t keep pigs and haven’t even seen a wooly pig in real life (well not yet, at least). In fact, the deeds of our house specifically state that we are not allowed to keep pigs – something that we find quite useful when needing a legal excuse not to have our friends staying with us for too long..

The only answer we can give, for what it’s worth, is that the mere concept of a wooly pig gives us a warm glow – simply to know that such a curious creature exists is quite enough for us to believe that our maker really does have a sense of humour and that heaven is probably going to be a lot more fun than most people expect…

And as Winston Churchill once perceptively commented ‘Dogs look up to you, cats look down on you, but pigs treat you as equals’.

So – if you have a curious and slightly quirky view of life, and like to think people should be able to get on with each other in respectful harmony laced with a good helping of humour, a wooly pig is perhaps not a bad role model.

So, welcome to our blog, and we hope you find it a pleasant distraction occasionally. Our aim is to add an image or some other tidbit every week or so, and tell a few tales along the way. We can’t guarantee they will be any good of course… but if we confess that this site is as much for our fun as for you, then perhaps you will forgive us and allow the occasional indulgence. And if we do happen to produce something you like occasionally – well, it would be very kind if you would let us know.

Oink, oink….


By the way, if you are within striking distance of Horsham in West Sussex, England, we highly recommend the Horsham Photographic Society – it’s vibrant and not at all stuck up, with a good cross section of members (and even some young ones!).

Sussex, April 2014