From Black & White


With the good weather of late, Ian and I have been doing the rounds of the National Trust Gardens again. It has been several years since we last visited Scotney Castle, so one fine spring weekend we loaded up the car with our photography gear and off we went.

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Paternoster Square

Spent most of this long weekend setting the site up, so not really much time to add anything special as a post today! However, thought it would be a shame to do nothing, so have added this image taken just off Paternoster Square by St Paul’s London.

This was taken on film, with a Leica M6. I spotted the potential in the sculpture and waited for someone suitable to turn up. Fortunately, I managed to catch this passer-by in a reasonable pose in the right place… sometimes it is just about luck (and a bit of practice too)!

Taken July 2011 with Leica M6, Ilford B&W film, 35mm lens

On the town

Christine and I had spent a pleasant day wandering around Oxford, and were just heading home to our hotel (the excellent ‘Old Bank Hotel’ – a great place to stay if you want to be central and feel like pushing the boat out on somewhere upmarket for once) when we passed these two magnificent ladies out, I must presume, for an evening of revelry. There was just time for one grabbed shot, and although it is far from perfect this is certainly one of my favourites from around 500 images I took that day. I converted it to black and white to put the emphasis on the patterns of the dresses rather than their bold colours.

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