Like many other photographers, we have followed a path of slowly evolving kit. Eventually, we realised that the best gear really does make a difference, provided you can afford the cost and the weight you have to carry around!  Here is the latest rundown…  can’t see this stuff changing much now, until either it wears out (or we do!)

Our cameras:

Until relatively recently we have both been firm Canonites, and also Leica afficionados. We are not biased though – we are sure we could take equally rubbish photos with Nikon gear. In fact, to show that we are open-minded types, we have been moving over in the last 2 years to Sony A7 series cameras, due to the weight saving and the exceptional dynamic range that the Sony sensors offer. This works especially well as we spend more of our time on landscape work…

  • Canon 5DMk3, 1DX, 5DMk2 (infra-red converted)
  • Leica M, Leica M9, M6, M3
  • Sony A7RII
  • Sony A7S (for video work)
  • iPhones

Our lenses:

Sometime around 2011 we looked at our images and wondered why they weren’t as sharp as we would have expected. Then we tried one of the  Canon L series lenses – the difference was remarkable (as well as the price).  So, we are now much poorer and wiser – and lugging a lot more heavy kit… but the results speak for themselves (when we get it right…)

  • Canon L lenses 16mm-400mm (zooms and primes)
  • Leica, Zeiss & Voigtlander M lenses
  • Sony/Zeiss and G-Master series (for the A7 series)

Our stuff:

You can never have enough stuff (until you have to carry it, that is…)

  • Really Right Stuff tripods & support gear
  • Emotimo and Rhino timelapse/slider equipment
  • Lee filters
  • Bowens studio flash
  • Lots of bags… GuraGear, Billingham, MindshiftGear and ThinkTank
  • Epson 2880 printer
  • MacPro, MacBook Pro Retina (we love our Macs)
  • NEC monitors