Monochrome gallery

Long ago, there really was no alternative to monochrome photography. That’s why most of us think of the past as a world lived in shades of grey. It is only since the emergence of colour film that anyone would question whether monochrome or colour are to be preferred. Even today, some photographers only see the world in black and white… while others can’t understand why anyone would ever want to suck the colour out of life.

We don’t usually go out deliberately to shoot in monochrome, but sometimes an image really lends itself to such a treatment. Indeed, it seems rare to find an image that works equally well in either form. Shooting digitally in raw gives us the flexibility to make that decision at a later stage, and to use the colour channels to simulate traditional black and white filters. Yes, that may be a bit offensive to monochrome purists, but it works for us. We hope the gallery below is of interest!

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