Street gallery

Street photography is an endless challenge and adventure. It’s a challenge in that you are often trying to capture a fleeting moment. Once it has gone, it will never come back in the same form again. Sometimes you can see the potential for such a moment, and lie in wait for it to appear. At other times the moment jumps out and surprises you, almost too fast for you to capture it – so the art is always to be ready for what may happen next.

And that’s where the adventure comes in – you never know what will happen next. Even if you are walking streets you have known all your life, you are still exploring an unknown land where something new could happen anytime, in a way that is quite unlike anything that came before, or will come again in the future.

In such conditions, it can be hard to be technically precise, or to make a perfectly judged composition – but all of that is secondary when the magic of the moment kicks in. We wouldn’t claim that this gallery of images is great street photography by any means – but our adventure has only just started…

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