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Welcome to the street gallery!

Finally got around to launching another of the galleries – sorry for the delay as we have been pretty busy for the last couple of weeks!

The great things about street photography is that you can do it petty much anywhere that man has made a mark… the street, of course, but inside buildings, in parks, on a bus or in the underground. What is street photography? Well, a definition we might use is the interplay of people and the environment they have created. If you might consider that photography is comprised of four key elements – technique, composition, impact and meaning – then street photography really aims for the last two.

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Having experimented with panning images of hubby and car back in 2010, I then  decided to try it out for real out in the big wide world. The South Bank in London has a good skateboard park so off we went to see what we could find…

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take off

Event: Birds of prey

An outing with my photographic society to take images of birds of prey in flight led to some challenges. It was rather late on a summer evening and already the light was beginning to fade. Coupled with birds that move pretty quick we had to think fast on our feet.  All good for learning technique!

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Project: Photographing movement

I wanted to experiment with shutter speeds so took my long suffering other half and car to a local car park where he could drive up and down for an hour or so (without getting arrested!) whilst I took photos. I started by seeing how the shutter speed affected the amount of blur as the car passed a locked down camera, and then tried the same thing while panning. See below for the effects.

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