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No matter how hard you work at your photography, sometimes the key to success is pure luck. The image in this post is a great example. I was on the touchline at a local football match (Brighton & Hove Albion, for those who are interested), and decided to grab a few shots of the crowd instead of the action on the pitch.

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Welcome to the street gallery!

Finally got around to launching another of the galleries – sorry for the delay as we have been pretty busy for the last couple of weeks!

The great things about street photography is that you can do it petty much anywhere that man has made a mark… the street, of course, but inside buildings, in parks, on a bus or in the underground. What is street photography? Well, a definition we might use is the interplay of people and the environment they have created. If you might consider that photography is comprised of four key elements – technique, composition, impact and meaning – then street photography really aims for the last two.

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Impressions of Hastings

2013 was a difficult year for me for photography. The weather was awful (it didn’t stop raining, did it) and combined with the economic depression people looked quite miserable – so taking photos within my preferred genre (street) became quite a challenge. Yes, I know some photographers say they get their best images in bad weather – but all I seem to get is wet!

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Having experimented with panning images of hubby and car back in 2010, I then  decided to try it out for real out in the big wide world. The South Bank in London has a good skateboard park so off we went to see what we could find…

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Paternoster Square

Spent most of this long weekend setting the site up, so not really much time to add anything special as a post today! However, thought it would be a shame to do nothing, so have added this image taken just off Paternoster Square by St Paul’s London.

This was taken on film, with a Leica M6. I spotted the potential in the sculpture and waited for someone suitable to turn up. Fortunately, I managed to catch this passer-by in a reasonable pose in the right place… sometimes it is just about luck (and a bit of practice too)!

Taken July 2011 with Leica M6, Ilford B&W film, 35mm lens